Creative Kids After School Care

Hello and welcome to Creative Kids, we hope that here you will find all the information you need about this childcare provision. Please contact me if you require any information that is not specified.

The childcare service the group provides

As manager, I thrive to provide the a high standard of care. The name Creative Kids does not mean it's an art and craft club. The word creative in this environment refers to children being allowed  to play through their own creativity. Having the freedom to chose their own resources and allowing children to become a valuable member of the group supports themselves as individuals.

At Creative Kids children are cared for in a warm, fun, child centered and organised environment. Through the children’s individual interests, activities are chosen by themselves and caring staff are present to support and participate in the children’s play.

About myself

My name is Rose Oakey and I was a succesful childminder for 17 years and in June 2010, I was awarded an Ofsted grade of Outstanding. 

On a personal note, I have a lifelong history of working in the childcare profession and proud to hold a senior practitioner qualification. My training, experience and vast research have enabled this model of childcare to be developed. I have resigned from childminding and now dedicate my time to the club.

Group structure

Children are picked up by the staff from nearby schools and walked back to the group. In order to support my high regard for safety, the children wear high visibility waistcoats and are expected to walk in a compliant manner.

On arrival at the group;

Emergency Care

As an accomodating service, Creative Kids offers support to anyone who needs temparary care for short term periods.


Outstanding Childcare

About Us

we then have registration to account for everyone.

children will be storing their belongs for easy access.

children choose their resources.

tea provisions will be laid out.

We have a range of equipment and the children can participate in.

Listed here are a few;

1.    Crafts 

2.    Outside play -ball games, hoops, skipping, climbing frame(longlevens) and the use of the school field and playground.  


3.    Board games table

4.    Homework and reading table

5.    Construction- e g lego, magnetix, playmobil, bratz, 

6.    Ring games/ role play

7.      Puzzles

8.      Park visits

9.      Pool table

10.    Football table

11.    Gardening

12.    Basketball

13.    Tea making

14.    Dressing up

15.    Book corner

16.   Face paints

The group is operated with activities that promote social enrichment to support a good balance of well being. The well planned resources enable the children to make choices with their own levels of participation.  

A positive ethos

As a carer it is my role to allow the children to succeed to their full potential and within the group children are supported positively in a caring manner and clear policies enable the group to run efficiently.



It is absolute, that the children are treated with understanding, praise, and encouragement with regards to their individual needs.