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Food Hygiene 5

On the 20th June we had our on the spot food hygiene inspection and we are very proud to show off our top score of 5.

This grade reflects the care and attention we give to our tea delivery and the importance of safe food handling for our club members.  

Tea Bar

Children will have a set dining table to eat their tea at and an area to place their used utensils in. The tea bar is open from 3.45pm-4.15pm.

At Creative Kids, food and our meal times are  very important aspects of our time together. The children have an imput into their choice of meal and the children help to prepare their snacks. Vital language and communication skills along with social development is enchanced through these quality periods. 

Here is the tea guidelines for children

 Tea Guidelines

For Healthy eating , please choose  these quantities

·      Choose from the following;

·      2 pieces of bread

·      4 crackers

·      ½  tortilla

·      2 pancake

·      1 crumpets

·      If chosen, 1 piece of ham

·      If chosen, 1 desert spoon of cheese

.         If chosen, 1 desert spoon of pasta

·      Thin spread of butter and other chosen spreads

·      ½ bowl of tinned fruit

·      Reasonable quantity of salad from the following

·      Cucumber

·      Tomatoes

·      Carrot

.         Sweetcorn

·      1 piece of malt loaf or cake

·      1 cup of hot chocolate